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Shelving systems are the most basic storage solution for smaller products of a much lighter nature.

These systems are constructed via Angle Uprights and Shelves either bolted to the Uprights or connected fully boltless shelf connector clip.

These Bolted or Boltless systems can carry between 80Kg and 250Kg per shelf (UDL), whilst the system itself is capable of supporting he subsequent loads on or even Multi-tier Catwalk systems or Raised Storage Platforms.

Bolted Shelves

Boltless Shelving

1. Shelf1. Shelf
2. Angle Upright2. Self Support
3. Shelf Divider3. Shelf Divider
4. Corner Plate with Bolts4. Angle Upright
5.Boltless Shelf Clips

These innovations ensured the following features and benefits:

  • Increased strength.
  • Increased stability.
  • Less deflections of all load bearing components.
  • Fully adjustability of shelf levels.

**All of the above Features and Benefits were independently verified via a team of independant professional engineers utilizing the largest metallurigical laboratory in the country. Copies of the same reports, annually updated, are available on request.**