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Palian (Pty) Ltd started the planning process for an international paper packaging company to move from their current premises in Kya Sands to their new facility in Alberton in January 2016. The brief was to move 3 warehouses into a newly acquired 5000 square meter warehouse facility.

The move required extensive planning between the company’s warehouse and operations managers and Palian (Pty) Ltd. It was essential that productivity be maximised and the goal was to increase the pallet positions from 2500 to 4428.

For this project the Palian Patented Racklock System was agreed on because of its technical advantages. While the customer moved their existing racking to the new warehouse, Palian (Pty) Ltd began the manufacturing process for the new pallet racking required. The material was delivered to the site and installation commenced on the 20th May 2016. The project was successfully completed on the 10th June 2016, which was 10 days ahead of schedule.

The success of this project was achieved by:

  • Working closely with the customer from day one and providing constant updates on the progress of the project.
  • Consistent communication with the installers to ensure the installation remained on schedule.

Once again, as a result of a superior product and excellent customer service, Palian (Pty) Ltd gained another satisfied customer.