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A monthly maintenance report on the status and condition of your warehouse solution will be provided by Palian (Pty) Ltd.

The Palian Maintenance Plan not only ensures peace of mind for the safety of your staff and products, but also assists in reducing your insurance premiums due to the proactive nature of this type of management and can increase extensions on the standard 12-month guarantees to a further 5, 10 or 15 years for all products manufactured by Palian (Pty) Ltd subject to a maintenance contract.

The danger of unreported damages can be catastrophic and a structural collapse could not only result in a loss of products but serious injuries to staff.

In addition to identifying safety risks, the overall installation will be graded in terms of utilization and efficiency as it currently installed. Safety recommendations may be made to the existing structures.

Representatives trained by Palian (Pty) Ltd are capable of performing these audits and additional services on all types of warehouse solutions.

All damages are assessed according to SEMA standards, further identified on a CAD drawing and categorized in 3 levels of urgency (in terms of repair or replacement):

Once any damages are identified and repaired, a Certificate of Compliance will be issued to the Safety Officer.

CATEGORY A: Safety Risk – Immediate replacement

When the racking structure is severely damaged well beyond the limitations of the SEMA code and at risk to collapse.

CATEGORY B: Serious Risk – Need replacement

These items which are damaged beyond limitations of the SEMA code, but not sufficiently serious to warrant immediate off-loading of the rack and not suitable for further use.

CATEGORY C: Minor Risk – Still suitable for further use but needs to be monitored

Still suitable for further use but needs to be monitored – These are items which are damaged but are within the limitations of the SEMA code. Such items would be recorded as being still suitable for the use but identified for future reference and monitoring.