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Palian Articles June 2010

Shelving Johannesburg

Shelving Johannesburg ( is serviced by companies such as Palian.  When looking for shelving Johannesburg, whether for small or industrial application, consider Palian who specialise in the sought after Racklock shelving system. Shelving Johannesburg offers two kinds of shelving systems: bolted and boltless shelving. Bolted shelving is known for its strength and boltless shelving is known for its manoeuvrability.  Shelving Johannesurg companies will give you a quote sometimes for free and will be able to show you your shelving designs in a graphic layout so you can see exactly what you are getting. Palian shelving Johannesburg is one such company that will be able to give you a comprehensive quote on your shelving. For more information on shelving Johannesburg, please go to:

Shelving And Racking